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Munnar is a famous hill station and small town in Kerala. It is well-known for its picturesque landscape and tea plantations. It is located exactly 1600 meters above sea level. Moreover, it is located around the Western ghats. Most wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts like trekking, and hiking at Munnar. Many of the group stayers choose dorms in Munnar, because, the dormitory is the most economical and modest stay available with all the facilities. Richtime Holidays have plenty of dormitories in Munnar which are suitable for your several needs. Our dormitories have 10beds to 60 beds. Whether you want more, we will also arrange more beds at an affordable price.

We have a huge range of Dormitory rooms in Munnar for all types of tourists. We also have a Munnar Dormitory room for both budgetary stayers and luxury stayers. So, the tourists can go sightseeing, and hiking, during summer vacation, and weekend breaks. Dormitories are the best place to make good friends. We ensure great safety and security for our customers. Tourists will have good ventilation and also view the outside greenery comfortably. We will always take care of your belongings and your safety. It is a great chance to enjoy the vacation at Munnar in a different way.

Munnar Dormitory rates

The prices of the Munnar dormitory start from INR 200 per person to INR 1200 per person which is inclusive of daily breakfast and dinner. In case, you need food all three times, then, you should inform us before booking itself; we will arrange food based on your requirements.

The Cheap Dormitory in Munnar

Most Budget-conscious tourists find Munnar the best location full of wonderful staying choices that not only offer essential comfort but also have peaceful seclusion. With us, the budget stay does not mean you have to be adjusted in the small place, and therefore, we have good budget dormitories at Munnar. Tourists no longer have to empty their pockets anymore with us. Hence, stop searching for more stay options, Richtime Holidays gives the best dormitories to stay in for tourists. Our dormitories are located in the tourist spots of Munnar. So, the tourists will surely experience the real vibe of nature.

We have different dormitories available for men and women. Richtime Holidays have a cheap dormitory in Munnar. For every dormitory, we have separate restrooms, a campfire facility, a TV, and much more. We are the one-stop destination for dormitory stay. All our dormitories give the tourists a great comfort to stay. Most of the tourists experience the soothing effect. When it comes to staying, we have several dormitory options in Munnar according to your budget.

Many of our dormitories are available closer to the sightseeing spots such as tea gardens, waterfalls, and mountains. Whether you are planning to remove unwanted expenses during stay, then selecting a dormitory is the best-staying option for tourists. It is important to book your dormitory before a few weeks of Munnar travel so that you will never suffer about any accommodation. And ignore the last-minute confusion and issues.
We are here to get you to a dormitory easily. Our dormitory staff and tour operator will guide you with the booking process and travel options.

Munnar Dormitory booking

Before choosing and selecting a dormitory, the tourists should have to know about their interests and requirements throughout the Munnar Vacation. Depending upon the tourist’s needs, our tour operator will arrange the dormitories based on their needs. Such as,
• Your budget
• Viewpoint of the tea garden from your residing dormitory
• Location preference
• Stay options
• Dormitory Room Size
• Amenities and Facilities
• Outstanding Customer Services
We will send your Munnar dormitory booking confirmation through email, and WhatsApp. We also have cancellation facilities. We never take any hidden fees on dormitory booking.
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The dormitory group stay in Munnar

Our dormitory group stays in Munnar provide stay options for large travel groups. Nearly 10 members to 200 members. Whether you are searching for a vacation at Munnar, Richtime Holidays helps you to give group stay dormitories at fewer prices. Moreover, our lodgings will be more comfortable and suitable for the tourists. Along with the group stay, we also provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And hospitality services and facilities. Additionally, we also have a dining area, garden area, and campfire spots. At our in-house restaurant, tourists can taste the delicious recipes using the vegetables and ingredients of our plantations. We also provide necessary amenities such as Wi-fi, TV, food, restroom, and other facilities at our dormitories. We guarantee to provide the most beautiful and peaceful stay. We offer parking and doctor-on-call facilities.

We have already successfully arranged dormitories for the school student groups, college student tours, big family gatherings, and corporate events in the past few years. We also have cottages and resorts at Munnar which provide dormitories for the group of tourists. Irrespective of any season such as Monsoon, Winter, or Summer months, we will always have Munnar valley Dormitory available. We provide dormitories for both short-term stays and long-term stays at a reasonable price. We offer all the vacation and tour-related arrangements to make your Munnar trip as the most beautiful moment of your lifetime.

Will you love to explore Munnar? Then, try our dormitory staying option. You will surely have a unique vacation experience in Munnar. By collecting new lovable memories, you will enjoy traveling through the hill station, and plantation of Munnar. We hope you will never forget our comfort and services at Munnar.
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