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places to visit in ooty in 2 days

Places to visit Ooty

Ooty is the queen of hill stations with a pleasant atmosphere, mesmerizing meadows, cool climate, and plenty of tourist attraction spots to visit and explore. Every Ooty sightseeing promises a great and lively experience for every tourist. With the amazing places to see in Ooty, people will have unforgettable beautiful moments on their vacation.

Are you ever looking for a great vacation to see the famous Ooty tourist places? We will help you to explore the Ooty places and experience a memorable itinerary. Let’s prepare our whole information to know the places to see in Ooty.

Places to visit in Ooty in 2 days

Richtime Holidays offers the two days Ooty tour package for tourists. Travelers can able to see the great sightseeing of the majestic town and enchanting landscapes. We provide the best option for travelers by the places to visit in Ooty in 2 days. People can visit the major places of Ooty in two days such as the Botanical Garden, Doddabetta Peak, Rose Garden, Pykara Waterfalls, Toda Mund, and Stone House.

It is one of the best tour packages for all busy people. Every tourist can happily travel to the cosmic biodiversity of this great town. People can see in just 2 days which will best match your preference to travel the serene tourist spots in Ooty.

1.Ooty Botanical Garden

Ooty Botanical Garden exhibits beautiful fauna and flora. It is a 55-hectare garden that lies on the downer slopes of the Doddabetta peak near the main city of Ooty. This garden is perfectly maintained with the wow factor. They also conduct flower shows. Most of the visitors will arrive for the flower show. It is spliced into five sections and terraced layouts such as a new garden, lower garden, conservatory, Italian garden, and nurseries.

2.Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak is the hugest peak in the Nilgiris at the junction of eastern ghats, and western ghats. It is surrounded by manicured gardens, dense shola forests, palatial tea estates, and mist-clad hill stations. It is height up to 2637m. It is a famous jumping-off point to travel nature’s green landscapes. You can have corn cob, carrots, peanuts, and mangoes. You need to climb carefully various long steps, and well-placed mountains.

3.Ooty Rose Garden

In the Ooty rose garden, we can able to see 20,000 varieties of roses. In 2006, the world federation of rose societies awarded the beautiful garden with the garden of excellence award. It is popular for its amazing beauty the rose garden is enriched with a huge variety of flowers. It includes hybrid tea roses, miniature roses, ramblers, polyanthas, Yakima, and floribunda.

4.Pine Forests

Pine Forest ranges from 3m to 80m and most of the trees are 15m – 45m in height. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing the spirally twisted branches, needle-shaped leaves, and thin flaking barks. It is a well-known tourist spot for taking photoshoots. Most travelers love spending valuable time capturing the most beautiful and memorable pics with their beloved ones, friends, and family members.

5.School Mund/Toda Hamlet

Toda Hamlet is one of Ooty's famous places for shooting locations for many cinemas. Most of the song shootings in all the Indian languages have been taken here. In this tourist spot, there is a tribal school situated here, it is well-known as school mund. It represents today's tribal community culture and lifestyle. It looks like typical barrel-shaped huts which make us feel like we are living in ancient times.

6.Kamraj Sagar Dam

Kamraj Sagar Dam is well-known as Sandynallah Reservoir. Many tourists wish to visit this dam because it is a photogenic place located on Kamarajar lake and Wenlock downs. Here, the houses varied bird species which include sunbirds, herons, and kingfishers. It is situated around herbs, forests, and shrubs. It gives a lot of surreal sights. It is the perfect spot for a birding expedition. It is an important tourist spot in Ooty.

7.Boat Club/ Pykara Falls

Pykara falls is a popular river or lake situated 19km away in Ooty. Tourists can go on a boat and travel to the Pykara reservoir. Boats are well-maintained and protected with shoals fenced. In this location, you can find speed boats, motor boats, and restaurants. Here, the waterfalls flow towards Pykara, Murkurti, and Glen Morgan dams. You can find a forest rest house and enjoy the scenic beauty of this Pykara falls.

8.Wax World Museum

It is one of the best museums for tourist attractions in the natural valleys and mountains of Ooty. Travelers can enjoy this informative experience for children, especially those who wish to see the amazing wax statues. It is located nearby a 130-year-old colonial mansion closer to the Ooty town center and Ooty lake. The statues in the Wax World Museum represent the personalities of an Indian heritage house, culture, and history.

Activities To Do:
•        Ooty Sightseeing
•        Jungle Safari
•        Boating
•        Road Trip
•        Shopping
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