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Ooty is an awesome place for all the tourists. Most people love to travel, particularly on hot summer days. New married couple’s favorite and romantic spot because of its serene aura and beautiful scenery. There are various resorts in the Ooty for the honeymoon and family vacation. Have you ever decided to go for an amazing vacation to Ooty, queen of hill stations? Rich time Holidays help you find the best resorts in Ooty that offer you a relaxed and luxurious stay during your vacations. Ooty resorts for couples are located in the extraordinary historical landscapes of Nilgiris. Our Ooty resorts for families are specialized with several features based on the royal amenities and modern facilities.

Selecting the perfect accommodation is one of the most essential initial steps when planning your trip to Ooty. It’s the starting point of the journey. Hence, it must be a wonderful experience ever! That’s why Rich Time Holidays satisfies every travel need of the tourists with the great comprehensive services regarding the locations, Moreover, it will make the booking process easier.

Ooty resorts have exceptional services combined with the latest and luxurious amenities making the resorts a great place for both the honeymoon and leisure travelers. Our Ooty resorts for couples include all the facilities and amenities ranging from Wi-fi, internet, parking, playing area, swimming pool, and laundry service. Our Ooty resorts for families are well-maintained and furnished with pure wooden flooring, a seating area, and a flat-screen TV to enjoy the original nature of Ooty. Moreover, Ooty resorts provide relaxing massages and rejuvenating therapies. Rich time Holidays provides top-notch service and luxury affordable accommodations for all the tourists. Hence, it will give the tourists a memorable Ooty experience.
Our pleasant Ooty resorts are an amazing place where tourists can relax, enjoy, and connect with friends and family members beyond the outdoor activity. Our Ooty resorts have been carefully planned to provide you with the space and convenience you require with every advanced amenity. The Single resort rooms, double resort rooms, and suite rooms offer secured accommodation to match all the budgetssuch as middle-class families, upper-middle-class families, and rich people.
Your stay here will impress your hearts and secure your privacy and we will always delight you with our excellent services. It is situated by well-maintained greenery away from environmental distractions. Our Ooty resorts have amazing facilities that will make your vacation with your life partner, family members, and friends a very everlasting one.
If you are planning for an Ooty vacation, then take a look below to know more details about amenities in the Ooty resorts. Ooty resorts offer several amenities for tourists for an unforgettable and enjoyable stay.

24/7 Hot and Cold-Water Service: Ooty resorts for family and couples provides 24 hours hot water and cold water for drinking purpose as well as bathing purpose. So, tourists can comfortable using the cold and hot water based on their needs.
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Ooty resorts offers free wi-fi internet access for customers Ooty resorts booking online. Tourists can enjoy an unlimited internet experience with the free internet. So, you don’t have to worry about your poor wi-fi connections. Ooty resorts never provide limited data and reduced speed data.
Full Furnished Resort Rooms: Our Ooty resorts include completely furnished resort rooms with specially well-furnished rooms equipped with all the latest comforts and modern conveniences. Such as a mini-fridge, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, cooktop stove, utensils, iron box, and cookware.
Spacious Balcony To Relax: Every Ooty resort room has spacious balconies with seating furniture. So, there are various resort rooms to enjoy the views and gatherings. 
Well Furnished Living: Luxury resorts in Ooty include the most spacious resort rooms for staying with huge families and larger groups. Moreover, it is an amazing choice for large gatherings.
Spacious Car Parking: We provide the most secure and safe car parking for our customers. Tourists don’t have to worry about the car being stolen. A various number of cars and other vehicles can be parked safely.
24/7 Room Service in Ooty Resorts: Ooty resorts will serve fresh and home-cooked foods. We provide free breakfast with unique flavor diet foods. We deliver food to your resort room. We provide south Indian dishes and an American breakfast. Customers can contact us for all essential services such as food, drinking water, doctor service, and much more.
Online Resorts Booking Service: Ooty resorts can easily be booked online. Customers can book resorts in the comfort of their place. You don’t have to pay for any travel agent. An online resort booking service is available for both honeymoon couples and families.
TV: In every resort room, we place a smart LED TV for our customers. So, tourists can see their favorite TV shows. They no longer have to miss any entertaining programs on their vacation days.
   Doctor On Call: In case, if you are not feeling well, or have any emergency health problem, then you can immediately contact us. We will help you to treat your health condition with our experienced doctors.
Travel Desk: Ooty resorts travel desk will help you with every Ooty local sightseeing surroundings. You can book the Ooty traveling spot with the help of our travel desk. Our travel desk will help you to book and visit places in Ooty such as parks, museums, and tea gardens.
Credit Card Accepted: In this digital world, every one of us does carry money with us. Due to the online payment apps, you can pay to us using UPI and credit cards.
   Beauty Salon: Most people love to groom for traveling and exploring beautiful places. So we also provide a beauty spa and salon for both men and women. We have professional beauticians who will make you look more and more beautiful forever.
   Dryer: Ooty is the coolest place ever. When tourists do a hair bath, it is extremely difficult to dry out. Every Ooty resorts have a dryer to dry hair. Moreover, whether people feel it's too cold, we offer them a good warmer, so people can warm themselves.
Air Conditioning: Ooty resorts also have air conditioning resort rooms. Some people used to stay in Air-conditioned rooms. It will be more convenient for the luxury people.
Laundry Service: Customers don’t have to get tension about wiping and washing their clothes and utensils. Our Ooty resorts have good laundry services.
Geyser: As we all know about the chillness and coolness of Ooty, Ooty resorts already inserted a geyser in every bathroom. So people can comfortably bathe using hot water.
Swimming Pool: Luxury resorts in Ooty includes the swimming pools. So people can enjoy swimming in their Ooty vacation. Swimming is one of the incredible experiences for every tourist.
Minibar: Some people love to drink liquors and brandy during vacation time. Ooty resorts have minibars. So, people who are interested to have drinks can enjoy their trips.
Children's Play area: When traveling with family members, children expect to play in the vacation place. Ooty resorts for families also have children's play areas. So, children can play happily forever.
Garden and Seating Area: Almost, every people love to see the garden and mountain view. That’s why we launched our Ooty resorts nearby the mountain area and we also have a garden place. People can view and explore the whole garden. And also relax down.
Complimentary Activities: Jungle resort Ooty conducts all the complimentary activities for the tourists. Such as Fitness Centre, Archery, Short Trek, Cycling, Badminton, Volleyball, Yoga sessions, and baking session with the experienced chefs.
Campfire: We will offer a private campfire for couples and families for a happy stay. Tourists will enjoy the togetherness and romantic vacation. Our campfire sessions connect people from various places and share amazing feelings in the Ooty.
CCTV: We include a CCTV security surveillance camera system which helps our staff to check the guest and others. It allows for protecting the theft of resort property.
   Business Centre: We have a business center which can easily accommodate small groups to large groups. It will be good for conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, and much more.
In-House Restaurant: Our Ooty resorts include a de budget-friendly in-house restaurant which helps travelers to have great home food in the resort. We have a creative menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend buffets.
Packages: We have several exclusive packages for the resort which includes welcome drink, veg snacks, and entertaining games for all the travelers.
Currency Exchanges: Tourists can exchange their foreign currencies at our currency exchange office. All countries' currencies can be exchanged in our Ooty resorts.
Safe Deposit Lockers: At Ooty resorts, we have the safest deposit lockers to keep your belongings, and bags safely. We make sure the safe custody of your more valuable things which are under our supervision.
24 Hrs Security: Moreover, we have security guards at our Ooty resorts. So tourists no longer have to bother about safety and security when staying in our resorts.
General Amenities: At our Ooty resorts, we have separate rooms for non-smoking people. Moreover, we also have a fire extinguisher and patio.
   Vip Check-in and Check-Out: We have a VIP check-in and Vip Check-out for our luxury resort rooms. We specially treat our Vip customers who take superior queen resort rooms and others.
Car Hire: We also provide rental cars and bikes for sight riding in the Ooty hill stations and locations. We will charge only a minimal price for the car and bike rental.

Our Sight-seeing Lists:

The scenic beauty of the Ooty Great Lake
Botanical Garden's kaleidoscopic beauty
Adventures drive at the 150-year-old UNESCO Cog Wheel Heritage Train
The amazing sight from Dodda Betta, at an altitude of 3000 meters above ground level.
Avalanche Emerald's trout-fishing spectacular experience
The dare-devil winch drives below the sheer 3000 ft drop in the Glen Morgan
Muthumaalai Wildlife Sanctuary - wild world of birds, animals, and reptiles
The cooling sightseeing of the great Moyar Canyon.
The striking vistas of Valley View.
Sims Park's heady scent and bursting colors.
Dolphin's Nose and Lamb's Rock's nature's funny handiworks

Ooty resorts have provided countless amenities and facilities for every tourist. Moreover, we offer plenty of facilities based on your needs such as pick-up, drop, and travel guide. Rich time holidays will satisfy all your expectations during all the Ooty vacation times. We will give the most importantly comfortable, hygienic, and safe stay at an affordable price.

Rich Time Holidays offers an amazing royal stay in Ooty with excellent views of the surrounding mountain and nearby Ooty locations experience for exploring tourists who need an uncluttered, mindful, and latest holiday with the attentive and authentic service. Our Ooty resorts at the main city of Ooty. Our Ooty resorts are environmentally friendly to peaceful break, slow down, and be happy in the Ooty nature.

Our Ooty resorts are unique in the modern and latest but everyone will enjoy the service of our staff waiting to invite you warmly. We're glad to give you great guidance on what we offer at every location in Ooty. At our Ooty resorts, you will enjoy every single thing, scenic beauty of Ooty nature, and local Ooty tradition combined with modern luxury and extraordinary worth that only the best spacious resorts can offer.

All the place is so unique and filled with personality, offering travelers a complete host of the best options. The main thing that will always remain the same is their dedication to the value, quality, and standards of service that all the tourists receive.

Our main objective is to help you stay more comfortable, and peaceful in our Ooty resort by providing all the excellent service at your home doorstep.
Ooty is the right destination to plan a summer vacation and honeymoon vacation. Because, it includes world popular festivals, shows, fairs, tourist attractions, and much more. Let’s be ready to enjoy a tranquil and pollution-free Ooty vacation. Hope to spend some quality time with your beloved ones in the relaxing place of Ooty.

We look forward to inviting you and offering the most relaxing hospitality. 


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