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Choose your favorite resort from Richtime Holidays for an unforgettable vacation to Kotagiri.

How to plan for your vacation in Kotagiri

Kotagiri is one of the coolest places to choose for your vacation. Beautifully mist mountains add love to go this location. Kotagiri has rivers, lakes, mountains, jungles, and waterfalls which make it a major attraction for tourists to visit. Richtime Holidayss resorts are beautifully designed to attract tourists. Our resorts in Kotagiri are surrounded by beauty and mountains all round together making them an additional attraction. Our resort rooms are well equipped for the comfort of tourists. Our resort management keeps the room very clean to keep the tourists very hygienic.

Rooms are very spacious for a stay. Room service facilities are also provided for the convenience of the residents. All our resorts in Kotagiri have free Wi-Fi, LED TV, a swimming pool, a restaurant, free parking, a terrace, non-smoking rooms, and a garden area. Our rooms have high-quality mattresses and a sofa for comfortable sitting. We make you feel very safe and relaxed in our rooms. Many of our resort rooms have noise-free and pollution-free rooms. Dining space is also allocated separately in the rooms for convenience. Our rooms at Kotagiri are cleaned thoroughly after every stay.

Restaurant At our resorts in Kotagiri

The restaurant at our resorts in Kotagiri serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for every tourist. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are cooked separately for the convenience of tourists. This restaurant serves high-quality food to maintain taste and hygiene. Children's foods are also prepared based on request with the proper guidance of parents. An outdoor barbeque setup has been arranged by the management for outdoor cooking with family and friends. Large dining halls offer more privacy for dining with more space between the tables. Car parking and bike parking are maintained outside the restaurants with high safety and plenty of free space. The garden area is set up in front of the restaurant which adds extra beauty to our restaurant. Open dining areas are also arranged to sit and enjoy their food with pleasure.

The major attraction of our resorts in Kotagiri

1. The beauty of mountains all around in Richtime Holidays resorts.

2. Richtime Holidays resort architectural design.

3. Exterior and Interior architectural design in Richtime Holidays resorts.

4. Front desk support for the tourists.

5. Lake view from our resort gives adds beauty.

6. Due to the proximity of tourist attractions, the number of trips is reduced

7. Due to the proximity of tourist attractions, the number of trips is reduced

8. The view from the balcony and rooftop is very colorful during sunrise and sunset.

Kotagiri Resort rooms and their budgets.

At Richtime Holidays, our resort rooms in Kotagiri are very well furnished and have a lot of amenities to make the tourists stay very comfortable. Our Kotagiri resort rooms are well-designed with a balcony view of the mountains. Single rooms and double rooms are also available based on the budget. Super luxury rooms with more facilities are also available based on requirements and the budget. We also have budget-friendly rooms according to their budgets and availability. The price can vary from a minimum of 1000rs to a maximum of 20,000rs depending on the level and their facilities. Our Kotagiri resorts can provide you with several facilities that are freely accessible to tourists.

Private resorts in Kotagiri

There are a lot of private resorts in Kotagiri which are very flexible and more with policies. Tourists will stay more comfortable in these resorts. All these Kotagiri resorts are great privacy to stay in. Tourists have air-conditioned private rooms to stay more pleasant. Stayers have more privacy and safety measures are also taken. You will wake up to the mountains, and green valley. Our resorts in Kotagiri allow tourists to make their food in their rooms. Tourists will be happy and better off with all the comforts and conveniences.

Most tourists choose resorts in Kotagiri because of the flexible policies, friendly management, and smooth check-in/check-out process. We are the number one trustworthy tour operator in Kotagiri. We have many genuine stayers who have mentioned their authenticity on our official website.

Amenities in our Kotagiri resorts

Amenities in our resorts at Kotagiri are more to access such as a kettle, shower, private bathroom wardrobe, high-class cushioned mattresses and sofas, and dining tables Free Wi-fi access to the tourist for the usage of data to download from Netflix, movies, etc. Tourists can get a better idea of the facilities and their photos on the website. Room images are displayed through photos to understand better. Safety locker facilities also exist in our resorts at Kotagiri. Luggage storage is organized for safety purposes and a well-informed front desk, wakeup-calls facility, and medical services. Stayers will enjoy the campfire time, and warmly under the night sky. Kotagiri is the best option for tourists who want accommodations with an Indian family and to experience homemade food, Indian customs, and traditions.

1. Electric kettle

2. Private Bathroom

3. Wardrobe

4. Safety lockers

5. Showers

6. Free Wi-fi

7. 24/7 help desk

8. Free parking

Fun Activities in our resorts at Kotagiri.

Bird watching


Indoor games

Outdoor games



Nature walk


Lake view


Horse Riding


Online Resorts Booking Kotagiri

We have both online and offline bookings on our official website. Online booking is so convenient and easy to access. Offline booking contact numbers are also displayed on the website. The price of resort rooms in Kotagiri may vary on your according to date, season, location, and availability. Tourists can choose a wide range of rooms according to prices and facilities. Single, couple, and deluxe rooms are also available. The website provides all details of the rooms and photos with the pricing. If there are any questions, if tourists have any questions or need any assistance, they can contact our customer service support directly at any time.