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Rooms in Kotagiri


In which ways you can choose a vacation for Kotagiri.
Kotagiri is a wonderful place that gives you a peaceful feeling of nature. High peaked mountains filled with full greens make feel so pleasant to the eyes. Are you ever looking for a family vacation, golf, business trip, or romantic getaway? Then, you are in the right place. Richtime Holidays has the best rooms in Kotagiri which can satisfy all the stayer's needs. It is essential to choose the right rooms in Kotagiri. Stayers can make use of the amenities such as family getaways, business stays, and honeymoon stays. Our rooms in Kotagiri have all the latest facilities, and amenities such as a gym, free breakfast, pet-friendly rooms, and much more. We will make your stay more comfortable.

Rooms in Kotagiri for family

We have several family accommodation options in Kotagiri. Stayers can choose from the family suite room such as a spacious living room with bedrooms, restrooms, and much more. Hotel rooms are air-conditioned and also non-air-conditioned rooms are also available. Separate kitchens are provided for the preparation of food. Children's food can be prepared from the kitchen based on their choice. Ovens are also available to heat their food. All of our hotel rooms in Kotagiri are an amazing choice for small and large family stayers. We also have a premium suite family room for family tourists and couple stayers in Kotagiri. At Richtime Holidays, we have luxury suite rooms that are suitable for couples tourists, and family tourists. Family tourists can enjoy their stay with well-decorated rooms with large spacious spaces. High-class rooms are rooms with facilities for use by tourists during vacations. Family tourists can stay freely with children so that children can play in the surroundings. The children's play area is in front of the hotel so children can play outdoor games easily. Even adults/parents can sit back and see if they are playing safely or not. Elderly people will find this seating area comfortable to sit in and wait for cabs. The seating area is also used for sitting and chatting in the evening after a trip.

Rooms in Kotagiri for couples

Our couple rooms in Kotagiri are available in affordable budgets based on availability. The couple can enjoy their honeymoon in our hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are much safer for the couple to enjoy their romantic nights. Hotel management is arranging the candlelight dinner arrangements according to their requirements. A candlelight dinner is set up for couples in a safer and more private setting. A private setting on the rooftop will be more enjoyable. The balcony view from the room with a spouse is beautiful during the sunrise. The sunset is more gorgeous from the rooftop. Hotel management will also arrange a trip advisor at the request of the tourists. Private cabs are also arranged from the reception based on the request. Trekking and jungle travel will feel so special for the couple through the private cab facilities.

Facilities in Rooms in Kotagiri

Our hotel rooms in Kotagiri are fully furnished with the latest amenities to enjoy your vacation time with your family and friends

. An electric kettle is given for hot water purposes. Well-equipped cushioned beds, sofas, and dining chairs, and tables are also provided in every room in this hotel. Safety lockers and fully furnished wardrobes which are of high-class design are located in our rooms. The bathroom is also fitted with a private bathroom with a quality shower. Dining tables are given in each room to sit and eat their food. The menu cards food is given in the room so order their food on time. Reception personnel will receive your order and inform the restaurant to serve it promptly. Amenities inside the room will always fulfill your needs.

A list of amenities is given below

Electric kettle


Dinning table


Private bathrooms




Room service.

24/7 support Assistance.


Free car parking

Fun Activities

Horse Riding


Jungle Ride

Lake view


Live music

Walking tours



DJ music in Campfire

Indoor Activities

Outdoor Activities




Budget rooms in Kotagiri

At Richtime Holidays, hotel rooms are single rooms, couple rooms, private rooms, and also super luxurious rooms in Kotagiri. As all the rooms are budget-friendly rooms, the room amenities will vary. Rooms are highly friendly to stay in with more space. When compared with other hotels hotel rooms are spacious rooms in this budget. Amenities are more according to this budget in every room. Luxurious rooms are full of amenities for the comfort of stayers. The budget for the room starts from 1000 rupees to 20000 rupees.

Veg/Non-veg Restaurant

Our hotel serves both Veg and Non-veg foods based on tourists. Our Hotel serves both Veg and Non-veg foods based on tourists. Our hotel assistant will get the food menu from the tourist and inform the restaurant people to get it ready in the right manner. Even Jain food is prepared by the restaurant. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are prepared separately from the restaurant. Foods are prepared are so hygienic way. Barbeque setups are also organized to enjoy the evening dining. Outside dining space is there to sit and enjoy your dinner. Our restaurant is fully spacious and clean. Plenty of car parking facilities with a safer atmosphere give an added advantage.

Room Booking in Kotagiri

Online booking is always available on our website. The online website is so accessible to the common man to access. The website displays all the information about rooms and images of rooms in detail. The website gives a detailed description of the hotel rooms. Offline bookings are always open with contact numbers. Telephone numbers are mentioned on the website to contact easily. 24/7 support will help and guide tourists in all aspects. The online booking web portal explains the hotel structure and room visibility. Our 24 hrs support assistant will help tourists to understand better about booking. We will never ask for any additional charges for the cancellation of rooms.