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Book a Dormitory in Vagamon with Us

Book a Dormitory in Vagamon with Us


Vagamon is the best tourist destination spot with the serene ambiance and nature’s delight, the right place for a relaxing vacation. This place is surrounded by gurgling streams and abundant greenery. The surroundings of this tourist spot have tea gardens, waterfalls, pine forests, and green meadows. Are you ever looking for the best hill stations with more attractive tourist spots? Then, Vagamon is the best choice for you. Have you ever gotten tired of finding the best place to stay in Vagamon? If you are searching for a dormitory with all the modern facilities such as an internet facility, phone, spa, beauty salon, and health service, then, you are at the right place. Richtime Holidays here to you make your stay more convenient.

Vagamon dormitory room

We have the best Vagamon dormitory room with all the amenities. Tourists can enjoy all the outdoor activities such as bird watching, campfires, barbecues, cycling, trekking, and more activities throughout the accommodations. All our dormitories are built in both classic styles and modern ways combined with the latest designs and luxury. We have a huge number of dormitory accommodations in Vagamon. For each dormitory, a maximum of 6 to 8 people can stay. Moreover, we also have a children's play area, and garden chairs in the garden, the spa, the flower, and the lake. In our Vagamon dormitory room, we provide free wi-fi, a shared lounge, room service, a shared kitchen, and much more. Our dormitories are equipped with 20 to 50 cots in Vagamon. You and your group members can enjoy the outdoor life.

Dormitory accommodation in Vagamon

Our dormitories are the best place for a group stay. We have both affordable and luxury dormitories with safe accommodation. We provide countless benefits such as flexible catering services, cheap dormitory prices, facilities, well-equipped bunk beds, and much more. Usually, our dormitory in Vagamon provides a group of rooms and bunk beds with group games, multiple beds, a campfire, separate bathrooms, adventure activities, a kitchen facility, and a peaceful environment. We offer world-class hospitality service at our dormitories in Vagamon. All of our dormitories are designed with the great vision of providing special group vacation memories for its tourists.

Why Choose Us for dormitory stay?

Staying in our dormitory in Vagamon is one of the amazing experiences for tourists. We provide customized services that include the best staying options for all travelers. Every group activity is fascinating, fun stuff, and audacious which you may not be able to enjoy when you travel alone. We will arrange several activities such as rock climbing, trekking, quad biking, river rafting, bird watching, jungle safari, and much more. Most of our dormitories are open throughout the whole year for tourists from all over the world.

Tourists can happily relax and unwind from the rejuvenating surroundings of Vagamon. We also have an organic plantation in Vagamon. So, people can go to see the garden area. And also have a huge variety of spices, fruits, and vegetables of Vagamon. When the sun rises, freshly wake up, and see the natural beauty of the Vagamon forest. It makes you feel refreshed and also maintains your body and mind in the good condition. Our dormitories will meet all the accommodation needs for several types of tourism such as ecotourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism, and modern tourism. Our tour experts have taken a lot of interest in customizing the dormitories and stays in Vagamon based on tourist interests.

Our dormitories are located in the main location which offers a convenient and affordable option for all types of tourists, especially for school students, college students, and group travelers. We have 3-star dormitories with air-conditioned rooms, a private restroom, free wi-fi, a 24-hour front desk, currency exchange, a shared kitchen, towels, and bed linens. We are proud of our services because we always find the best dormitories which are based on the tourist's expectations and interests.

We serve home-cooked foods prepared by our professional cook. You can have whatever foods by requesting our chef. We specialize in offering all the south-Indian, North-Indian, continental, seafood, and Chinese foods. Tourists don’t have to compromise anything related to the vacation and accommodation. Our main motive is to offer the most comfortable and safe stay for every tourist. We have thousands of satisfied tourists; they shared their genuine feedback on our official website. Most of the tourists have experienced uninterrupted privacy and also tasted the authentic organic recipes of Vagamon. It provides a wide variety of amenities and features which makes us a great option among the tourists of all the places.

Dormitory Booking and Price

         Let's leave all your worries to us for booking dormitory and vacation plans at Vagamon. Tourists can easily book a dormitory at Our dormitory rooms start from 799Rs per day at Vagamon. The prices at Richtime Holidays dormitory and rooms may differ based on your type of stay such as dormitory policy, and dates you prefer. And check the prices of dormitories by entering your dates on our official website. We will make you feel at home away from the homely experience in our dormitory.


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We are 100% sure that you and your group members will be satisfied with our dormitory stay. You will experience a wonderful vacation at Vagamon.

           What are you waiting for? Traveling through foggy roads of Vagamon with the view of green plantations, and hill stations is an extremely wonderful vacation experience ever in your life.

Our dormitory usually attracts family and relative vacationers, college tourists, school excursions, business tours, employee tours, group travelers, and backpackers.

 Don’t miss this nice opportunity to book a dormitory and enjoy visiting the lovely Vagamon tourist destination. A

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