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A dormitory in Ooty is the kind of group accommodation where a group of people can stay and enjoy the vacation. Are you bored by staying at home itself and depressed by not having sufficient clean air? Have you tried using your mobile phone, and watching the tv? Did you decide to travel as a group to Ooty? Booking a dormitory is one of the amazing choices for you. There are various reasons that people are choosing a dormitory. Because, it is safe, well-maintained, and less price when compared to other rooms.
Richtime Holidays helps us to find the cheapest dormitory in Ooty with the various amenities and facilities. Student groups, corporate groups, or family groups can stay in our dormitories depending on their uses. Our dormitories are available with music, campfire, DJs, and BBQ. It will make your vacation lovable and memorable. Most of the groups who stayed in our dormitories will give us a good review and come to us every time for further booking.

Group Stay Dormitory in Ooty

               Staying in the dormitory is always having fun with the group members, playing games, watching TV, and engaging in all the parties. Richtime Holidays' Ooty dormitory accommodations provide excellent accommodation in India which makes people more convenient to stay on the vacation all the time.
Group stay dormitories are created with all the things you have for your vacation break and perfectly matched for every family member. Richtime Holidays' group stay dormitory are cost-effective for the travelers.
Richtime Holidays provides online booking for all the people who want a group stay. We make it easier for every pre-accommodation with our cheapest dormitory in Ooty.
In our Dormitory rooms, Richtime Holidays have exclusive facilities features such as a balcony and we also make sure you offer dormitory stay with germ-free room and a clean washroom. Our dormitory rooms are covered by hill stations and dark green forest as a useful place near every single shot is attractive. So, the group stays travelers can travel to all the nearby tea estates, just simply take a selfie at everlasting love the sight from Top Mountain view station point, the highest spot in Ooty.

A clean, valuable great feeling with a good smell everywhere is accurately striking. Richtime Holidays provides the modern dormitory stay in Ooty with comfortable, spacious, and well-maintained rooms. Every Dormitory room has washrooms, bathrooms, a Tv, and 24 hrs. Hot Water facility. Students, Family groups, and corporate groups can stay more than 60 people at our Multi-bedded Dormitory. Richtime Holidays' dormitory rooms include the open space for the bus parking and Campfire safely close by our Dormitory room, Homemade delicious food available.

Whether you desire to do the self-cooking kitchen are available with the all the items. Our Ooty Dormitories are situated at peculiar spots in Ooty. Travelers can easily book dormitories based on their Group member size. Richtime Holidays have sufficient amenities and parking facilities is an impressive place to spend an unforgettable time with your friends and family members. Our dormitory rooms are 100% secure and safe for travelers.
We also have individual dormitories for both girls and boys. Richtime Holidays allocates the deluxe room for the office group. Travelers can have the facility to share a common living space and to safeguard from any theft of baggage, People must strictly keep their belongings under lock and key. We maintain our travelers must respect the privacy of other people. People should never make any annoying loud noises during the night time. Richtime Holidays staff follow strict rules to maintain a peaceful environment among one another.

You don’t have to bother about budget problems or you are a group traveler, Richtime Holidays offer you the cheapest dormitory room in Ooty at a low cost.
You can meet a private traveler when you are staying in our extraordinarily convenient Dormitory rooms otherwise provide the best chance for yourself in your room. Engage with the in-house games and activities or connect with near travelers in our dazzling common gardens and area.
By coming inside the room, travelers will experience the feel of comfort and relaxation in our ultra-luxury dormitory rooms.
Our dormitory budget group stays in Ooty has extra double cot beds and additional single cot beds. The whole room is completely clean and uses mosquito repellent, to have a good sleep and be free from mosquitoes and bedbugs. We also provided lumpy mattresses and flimsy beds in the upper portion.

Our dormitory room also includes serenity, and a private room for travelers to enjoy the top-most views of the beautiful Ooty and Nilgiris hill station.
Richtime Holidays offers the travelers good dormitory accommodation with every comfort, amenities, and facility in the dormitory rooms, you will enjoy and be satisfied with our services in our dormitory rooms.  Travelers can enjoy the peaceful ambiance of our dormitory in Ooty and have an amazingly beautiful experience in Ooty.

Richtime Holidays offers the cheapest dormitory in Ooty. Therefore, people can get ready to make their vacation and weekend with us in the Ooty.

Book Best Dormitory in Ooty and enjoy the best of Ooty.

Ooty Dormitory Contact Number

Do you want more information on the dormitory accommodation? Or any other assistance? Our booking professional will help you with the accommodation process? Do not hesitate to contact us @ +9175023 45777 to confirm the dormitory availability and prices.

Ooty Dormitory Price

Richtime Holidays’ Dormitory is affordable stays starting from Rs:300 per head.
Our dormitory rooms in Ooty give an economical group stay with a great experience.



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